Submission for this event must be a software product or prototype thereof that must be original to the event. Projects that have been started prior to the start of hacking (8:00pm on 3/13/15) are inelligible for submission. Teams of up to five (5) participants may work on a single submission, but a participant can only be a part of one team.

In order to submit a project, you must have been onsite during development and the submission must be made onsite. Only those in attendance of SwampHacks may submit a project.

All submissions will be judged by the same panel of judges based on the following criteria: practical application, design (UI), creativity/novelty, quality of implementation, intuitiveness (UX), and the final pitch you give to the judges.

In order to submit, you should have at least a name for your hack and a description for your hack. Posterboard will be supplied to all teams to create a presentation item for the demo fair. When the winners are announced, the top three teams will be expected to give a brief summary of their hack in front of all participants present.